Sky: Star Wars

Mill+ have brought the spirit of Star Wars to life for the launch of Sky Movies’ new, dedicated channel.

Collaborating closely with Sky Creative, Disney, LucasFilm and ILM, the Mill+ team in London developed an epic, fully CG, 40-second ident to go in front of every film on Sky Movies’ new pop up channel Sky Movies Star Wars.

Production: Mill+
Creative Director: Grant Berry
3D Lead Artist: Fred Huergo
2D Lead Artist: Anne-Sofie Tholander
3D Artists: Davide Frusteri, Ashley Tyas, Ambrogio Bergamaschi, Stephanie Dewhirst, Will Denning, Josh Docherty, Sauce Villas, Ashley Reemul, Pete Agg, David Hempstead, Ciaran Moloney
2D Artists: Jorge Schulz-Gercho, Greg Spencer
Matte Painting: Jiyoung Lee, Marie Tricart, Alex Caldow
Colourist: Seamus O’Kane, James Bamford

Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Producer: Oana Anghel

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